Behavioural Services

Behavioural Services

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High-risk behavioural assessments

Our behavioural services include specialized high-risk behavioural assessments for individuals who engage in high-risk behaviours and are at risk of becoming involved in the legal system or are engaged in behaviours that are of concern.

Often the goals of these assessments are to understand behaviour and to make treatment or management recommendations to help address the behaviour/issue and avoid possible legal, discipline problems, and/or marital/relationship problems.

We offer comprehensive behavioural support services that cover a range of high-risk behaviours, including, but not limited to:

What to Expect

The intake process will vary depending on the nature of the service you require.
Please reach out to our intake staff if you have any questions or concerns that may be specific to your situation.

Initial Paperwork

Prior to your initial appointment you will be required to complete paperwork that will include basic demographic and personal information, consent for services forms as well as information for payments

Office Visit

If you are coming to the office, have a seat in the waiting room. Your service provider will greet you in the waiting room.

Virtual Sessions

If you are scheduled for a secure virtual meeting, please ensure you have received a link prior to the meeting time. If you don’t recieve please contact the office immediately. You can use a computer or mobile device for virtual meeting; however, you need to ensure you have a private location allowing you to focus on the meeting and have solid wifi connection.

Overview of the Process

Generally, information provided to us is confidential with somelegal and ethical exceptions, which will be explained to you (and which are outlined in our consent document). If you have any questions about those policies, please ask.


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