First Responder Services

First Responder Services

First Responder Services

Individual Responder Services

First responders deal with stress from multiple sources, operationally, organizationally, and increasingly from social expectations and views. It is difficult to be the best you can be and meet all the work, social and personal demands in life. We encourage first responders to take a pro-active approach to their mental health, using professionals not only to address problems and difficulties but to be part of a more comprehensive self-growth and mental health strategy.

First Responder Services, First Responder Mental Health Support, Fitness for Duty Evaluations

Common issues we would deal with:

Our goal is to ensure you are:

Agency Services

Pre-employment Selection

APS has extensive experience conducting pre-employment assessments for high-risk positions including Police, Firefighters, Nuclear Security and Specialized Military Units.

Mental Health Checks/Safeguard Evaluations

The goal of mental health checks or ‘safeguarding” to assist in ensuring a new position is a good fit for an individual; provide support and assist in self-monitoring while in high stress job roles; help identify problems early in order to lower long term negative consequences.

Fitness for Duty Evaluations

A psychological FFDE is a formal, specialized examination.  The central purpose of an FFDE is to determine whether the employee is able to safely and effectively perform their essential job functions. With many high-risk positions, this may include questions of having access to use-of-force weapons. Part of our assessment is to consider what is in the best interest of the service, the client and the public.

What to Expect

The intake process will vary depending on the nature of the service you require.
Please reach out to our intake staff if you have any questions or concerns that may be specific to your situation.

Initial Paperwork

Prior to your initial appointment you will be required to complete paperwork that will include basic demographic and personal information, consent for services forms as well as information for payments

Office Visit

If you are coming to the office, have a seat in the waiting room. Your service provider will greet you in the waiting room.

Virtual Sessions

If you are scheduled for a secure virtual meeting, please ensure you have received a link prior to the meeting time. If you don’t recieve please contact the office immediately. You can use a computer or mobile device for virtual meeting; however, you need to ensure you have a private location allowing you to focus on the meeting and have solid wifi connection.

Overview of the Process

Generally, information provided to us is confidential with somelegal and ethical exceptions, which will be explained to you (and which are outlined in our consent document). If you have any questions about those policies, please ask.


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