General Treatment and Assessment Services

General Treatment and Assessment Services

Psychological Assessment and Diagnosis

At the forefront of Psychological Assessment and Diagnosis, our team of qualified and experienced professionals specializes in Behavioral Evaluation Services and Occupational Health Assessments. 

We have extensive experience in providing assessments and evaluations for a variety of needs, including anti-black racism and anti-oppressive services, first responder services, trauma therapy, and high-risk behavioural services.

We understand the importance of a timely and accurate assessment, and our team works closely with referring agencies, legal services, and corporations to ensure that the assessment process is efficient and effective.

Psychological Assessment and Diagnosis, Behavioral Evaluation Services, Occupational Health Assessments

We provide traditional and complex clinical psychology services, including:

What to Expect

Many people have fears, preconceptions, and at times no idea at all about what therapy will be like when they schedule a session. We want to demystify your experience and put you at ease. Here's what you can expect:

Initial Paperwork

Upon arrival at your first appointment you will be required to fill in paperwork that will include basic demographic information along with your current concerns and goals for therapy.

Office Visit

If you are coming to the office, have a seat in the waiting room. Your therapist will greet you in the waiting room.

Virtual Sessions

If you are scheduled for a virtual session, click the link in the email sent to you and the screen will show a virtual waiting room. Just sit tight and your therapist will be with you at the scheduled time.

Overview of the Process

What you talk about in session is completely confidential with a few legal and ethical exceptions, which will be explained to you (and which are outlined in our consent document). If you have any questions about those policies, please ask.

An Open Conversation

From there on, it’s a conversation and there are no right or wrong things for you to say. If there is something about your therapist that seems like it would get in the way of you feeling comfortable being honest, you can say so, and your therapist may be able to help you feel more comfortable. If the relationship does not seem like a fit for you, speak up. A referral to another therapist is always an option.

Discuss Ongoing Sessions

You can discuss a regular meeting time with your therapist so that this time becomes your reserved time.


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