Nadia Bulbia m. psych

Nadia Bulbia 

Clinical Associate – Apprenticing toward College of Psychologists registration


Assessments and treatment for general psychological and forensic related issues. Police Psychology, including selection, FFDE and treatment.

Location of Services:

Toronto Office, Virtual 

Nadia is a treatment provider and psychometrist. She completed a Master of Psychology degree at the Adler Graduate Professional School and brings diverse work and life experience. She was employed in a corporate environment for 15 years, where she mentored, coached and built key relationships prior to her own change in career. Through her education, she trained at the Markham Stouffville Outpatient Mental Health Clinic and the Adler Student Clinic. Professionally, Nadia has since worked with a range of individuals in private practice and in forensics.

Nadia’s personal and professional experiences have contributed to her belief in the importance of creating trust and strong alliance in the therapeutic environment. Her belief is that everyone is capable of effecting positive change, and she practices with a desire to find strengths and examples of resilience, while providing encouragement through the process.

Nadia works with adults at all stages of life and provides services across of range of areas that include depression, anxiety, anger, emotion regulation, work/life stress and coping with change. Her approach encompasses a variety of frameworks including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Adlerian Psychology and Mindfulness.